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  • Get ready to be "roped" into more dog walking adventures! Lead the way with our NEW double ended Rope Leads - the perfect accessory to complement any harness or collar.


    Length: 210cm

    Thickness: 1.3cm

    Material: 100% Cotton rope with metal fastening and Cocopup tag


    Do not put in washing machine (gentle hand wash only)

    D-Ring to attach accessories to (e.g. poop bag holder)


    Key Features:

    • Create a basic normal lead using the O-ring to create a loop for the handle Hands free functionality (perfect for hands free walkies or for running with your pooch)
    • Clip to your dogs collar and harness D-ring for added control when walking Flexible functionality with 3 O-rings along the lead for multiple configurations

    Cocopup Double Ended Rope Lead

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