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    • Polar Fleece Dachshund Jumper
    • Handmade in the UK
    • This style is specific to Dachshunds and Miniature Dachshunds
    • 7 Sizes (please see our specific size chart for Dachshund sizing for this jumper)
    • Machine Washable

    Our lightweight Dachshund jumpers are made from 100% polyester polar fleece, protecting your dog's body from the wet and mud.  It will keep your dog warm and dry, but is also breathable and allows any water to quickly wick away from your dog's coat.


    We keep the neckline of the fleece low, so that you can still comfortably use a collar and lead and it's comfortable for your dog also.


    There are no fastenings on the fleece and the area between the back legs is open so that the suit doesn't interfere with toileting.


    Our Daxie Jumper is designed for a snug fit so please check your dog's measurements against our Dachshund size chart before ordering.  

    Dachshund Jumper in Polar Fleece

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